Stears is a business intelligence and media company based between London and Lagos, focused on information dissemination in the Nigerian financial markets. Our objective is simple - to connect economic and financial agents to a network of data, analysis and ideas.

Editorial Stance

Many media publications align themselves to particular ideologies meaning that they argue from the same set of basic assumptions. Stears eschews this approach. Instead, Stears remains indifferent to all ideologies as we believe in the value of permitting all inoffensive ideologies in informing the debate. Stears advocates for the explicit use and revelation of the basic assumptions used in all arguments, thereby ensuring that the reader understands the premise, analysis and conclusion of all arguments.

As a publication, there is no merit in us saying we believe in any particular socio-economic principle. Our duty is to provide a platform for transparent, rigorous and coherent debate. Rather than taking a particular stance, we seek to bring into the readers' focus the nature of the ideological conflicts and their relevance in the analysis and conclusions drawn.

So where others align, we enlighten.

Any Stears article is permitted to align to any inoffensive ideological position when creating an argument or reaching a conclusion. This is consistent with Stears being a platform for transparent, rigorous and coherent debate as long as each article adheres to the requirements stated above.