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Somto Okeke

Research & Strategy Analyst


Somto is a Research & Strategy Analyst in an Investment Banking firm. He specializes in global macroeconomic and fixed income research with a focus on EMEA countries. He is also keen on interpreting and implementing his findings into Economic Policy, Business Development and Investment Strategy

  • Alma Mater: Bryant University, Rhode Island, USA
  • Email: [email protected]

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FINANCE - 08 SEP 2015

Paying the Price for an Over-dependence on Oil

Uncertainties cloud the Nigerian economy as oil prices continue to flutter.

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FINANCE - 13 SEP 2015

Nigeria and J.P. Morgan: The Inevitable Exile

What does exclusion from the GBI-EM index mean for Nigeria's current and potential investors.

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FINANCE - 15 SEP 2015

The CBN and its Battle to Defend the Naira

Has the CBN's contractionary monetary policies led to a better value for the naira?

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FINANCE - 01 DEC 2015

CBN: Inducing Economic Recovery through Easy Money

The opposition party has a significant role to play in strengthening Nigeria's current democracy.

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