About Stears

Stears is a digital information company making it possible for individuals, development organisations, investors, governments and companies to cost-effectively access high-quality information on Africa. Born in the London School of Economics, Stears was founded by a team of economists, data scientists, lawyers and engineers dedicated to building a new future for African information.

Stears owns Stears Business, Nigeria’s most analytical business publication.

Stears Data is the data collection, research and analytics division of Stears, providing enterprise solutions to businesses and governments.

Editorial Stance

Stears Business is a digital, subscription-driven publication headquartered out of Lagos, Nigeria. We have been driven by a simple promise; to provide original, analytical, well-written stories that make sense of that promise.

Many media organisations align themselves to ideologies meaning that they argue from the same set of underlying assumptions. Our media organisation, Stears Business, eschews this approach.

There is no merit in saying we believe in any particular socio-economic principle. Instead, we believe in permitting all inoffensive ideologies in informing our readers. We advocate the explicit use and revelation of the underlying assumptions used in all conversations, thereby ensuring that viewers and readers understand the assumptions guiding our discussions.

All our content is permitted to align with any inoffensive ideological position. Our duty is to provide a platform for transparent, rigorous and coherent debate. Rather than taking a particular stance, we seek to direct our viewers and readers’ focus to the nature of the ideological conflicts and their relevance in the analysis and conclusions drawn.

So where others align, we enlighten.

To read more about Stears Business, read this message from our CEO.