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Thank you for your interest in getting published on Stears Business. You can publish content on Stears by joining the Writer’s Network or by submitting a guest article.

The Writers Network is a community of volunteer contributors who are frequently published on Stears Business. As a member, you can expect to be held to the highest standards of analysis and knowledge. Join the Writer’s Network by applying here and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Contributors may submit one-off articles without joining the Writer’s Network. To ensure your article follows our editorial guidelines for publishing, please read the instructions below.

A good Stears article:

  • Is heavily evidence-based. Stears is an information company with a strong bias for data. We are committed to only data-driven analysis. All sources must be hyperlinked.
  • Is not an opinion piece. We respect your opinion, but we are only interested in seeing whether you can build a compelling case for the argument you present in the article. We seek analysis and commentary of issues, not just opinion.
  • Is not promotional or branded. We appreciate the temptation to promote your business or organization, but promotional content is only welcome via our advertising channels. Email [email protected] for advertising and branding services.
  • Is Relatively brief & simple. Short and simple (no big or fancy words) articles are more likely to resonate with our readers—the 1000 word piece (examples here, here and here) is still the simplest way of communicating your message. If you want to write a longer piece of 2500 words (examples here and here), we expect you to provide an in-depth, data-backed analysis of your chosen issue.
  • Has a clear narrative. All the analysis in the world cannot save an article without a point. Ultimately, your article must tell a succinct story to resonate with readers.

If you are unsure of the suitability of your content for Stears, please read some of the articles on the site.

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