FINANCE - 02 JUN 2020

DB: Petrol price; Re-opening businesses; Ebola outbreak

DB: Petrol price; Re-opening businesses; Ebola outbreak
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PPPRA announces new petrol price 

The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has directed fuel stations across Nigeria to adjust the maximum petrol price from ₦125 per litre to ₦123.50. In March, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) announced that the recommended price of petrol would be announced by the PPPRA on a monthly basis, in line with the prevailing crude oil price. However, PPPRA failed to announce a recommended petrol price last month.



FG modifies rules for businesses, targets flight resumption 

The presidential task force for COVID-19 has announced new rules for businesses. Hotels can reopen with adherence to social distancing, capacity limits, and other guidelines. However, restaurants are required to remain closed for eat-ins. Other businesses like cinemas, bars, gyms, parks, nightclubs are also to remain closed. Domestic flights will resume on the 21st of June, depending on the implementation of the approved protocols for safe operations of the airlines.

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DRC declares Ebola outbreak in the Western region.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has declared a fresh Ebola outbreak in its Western region following the report of four deaths. The Ebola Virus epidemic ravaged West Africa for over six years with over 28,000 cases and 11,000 deaths from 2014 till date. This latest outbreak is the 11th in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1976. The previous outbreak which started two years ago has claimed 2,280 lives.


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Daily Briefing

Daily Briefing

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