FINANCE - 21 JUN 2018

Innovating in FinTech? Showcase at the Stears Summit

Innovating in FinTech? Showcase at the Stears Summit
FinTechs can now apply to join the showcase

In partnership with Lagos Innovates, Lagos Employment Trust Fund and Wennovation Hub, we are hosting our first Summit on July 24th in Lagos. To attend the Summit, register here. Companies and startups interested in joining the FinTech Showcase, please fill in this form.


The Stears Summit will show, not just tell.

Our audience of investors, investment professionals and technology enthusiasts will get the opportunity to witness showcases from five (5) innovative FinTech companies working in payments of goods and services, moving money from today to tomorrow (savings), moving money from tomorrow to today (borrowing) and protecting money or building wealth (investing and lending).

Our Company Showcase is open to companies leveraging technologies including Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology or Cryptography and APIs or Mobile driven technologies.

Any Nigerian company providing one of the four financial services (payments, savings, borrowing, investing) is welcome to indicate their interest in showcasing at the Stears Summit. All companies showcasing at the Summit will also be featured in our media publication and interviewed ahead of the Summit.

Companies can indicate their interest here.

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Editorial Board

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