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Jobs at Stears I

Jobs at Stears I
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There is an immense information gap in Africa. Poor data collection, disinformation, misinformation, lack of funding for academic research and limited availability of data are manifestations of this issue. A few weeks ago, our Head of Data Advisory & Research, Michael Famoroti, spoke to Quartz Africa about this problem. This information gap is our raison d'etre. 

However, because of the different ways we are closing this information gap, it can be difficult to describe Stears. For instance, our election centre - a data visualisation project - surprised our most ardent readers who had grown accustomed to text.

In the end, it is safer to avoid defining Stears. Instead, we define the problem we are trying to solve - an information gap. As long as this issue persists, media publications like Stears Business will be devoured by readers, and data teams like Stears Data will have new ground to cover.


A new chapter

Now, we are unveiling a new chapter for Stears Business. Our goal is to make sense of the African economy around us. We believe that in doing so, we will define a new gold standard for African media.

Most people are not aware of the fact that Stears Business has been run by a network of volunteers, contributors, and part-time editors, not full-time staff. However, we have now decided to build our own newsroom, diversify our digital platforms, and expand our editorial ambitions. 


How are we going to achieve our ambitions?

Tokunbo Afikuyomi is our new Editor in Chief. Tokunbo is an Economist who joins us from the UK's Department for International Trade. He holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol and an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE). He previously served as our part-time Economics & Finance Editor, and is obsessed with the need for high-quality business and financial analysis in Nigerian media. 

We are looking for a range of new joiners - analysts, researchers, journalists, editors, software engineers, data journalists & more. There is no single type of person who can join the Stears team. We value employees from different backgrounds and walks of life. Instead, we are interested in working with critical thinkers & storytellers who are fuelled by a desire to make high-quality information available.

So if you want to be part of a team that is surrounded by the brightest minds, see if one of the roles below applies to you:


Deputy Editor

This person will be responsible for content creation & analysis across our editorial functions, specifically working with the external Writer's Network and internal editorial team.

Find out more about the role. Apply here.  


Analyst/Journalist (Banking, Energy, Telecoms)

This person will oversee coverage of Nigeria's banking, telecoms and energy industries. This role is for individuals with research skills and an interest in creating engaging and deep content through sector expertise. The successful applicant will cover the sectors using our 14 themes (Science & Technology, M&A, Regulation, Business Models, Companies etc).

Find out more about the role. Journalists apply here. Analysts apply here


Senior Django Software Engineer/Web Developer

This person will design, prototype and architect software systems that meet our standards, as well as review code from the rest of the team. The successful candidate will maintain and upgrade existing projects, and transition them to best practices and higher standards.

Find out more about the role. Apply here.


Application deadline for all roles: 8th of February 2020



Preston Ideh

Preston Ideh

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