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Stears is Hiring!

Stears is Hiring!
Stears is Hiring!

Stears is an intelligence company aiming to define a new standard for access to quality analysis and data in Nigeria. We have a team of editors and writers spread out in Lagos, Abuja, London, Dubai, Tennessee and more. Our writers mainly have backgrounds in economics, finance, law, international relations and politics.

Our media team (Stears Business) publishes high-quality insight and analysis on public policy, governance, the economy, financial markets and more. We are looking for new team members who want to experiment with high-quality media content covering business, finance and governance in Nigeria. You will be able to work from remote locations, and also in Lagos. 

We are currently looking for a full-time Special features & Data Editor.


Special features & Data Editor

The Special features & Data Editor will lead data content and investigative or research-based features on specific industries, policies, trends or companies. 

The role will require a creative and innovative mindset to turn data into insight as well as the ability to identify, research and deliver unique stories on public policy, business and macroeconomic trends in Nigeria. Content will be expected to appear in a variety of formats, from articles, infographics and reports to video and interactive stories.

The Editor will join the editorial team to liaise with writers, editors and analysts both within and outside Stears to coordinate delivery of content.


In this role the features & Data Editor would be expected to:

  • Write and edit high quality, analytical content.

  • Identify interesting sectors, companies and industries to analyse and extract insight and trends.

  • Conceive, develop and produce charts, infographics, and other data-driven insight for articles and stories.

  • Research, analyse and interpret Nigerian data from primary and secondary sources.

  • Curate and analyse audience and readership analytics 

  • Develop and maintain a stable of talented freelance designers and/or researchers to work on data visualisation and multimedia content


Successful applicants in this role would typically have:

  • Economic, finance, or other relevant academic or professional backgrounds

  • A fair understanding of macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts, basic regulation, and familiarity with a range of public policy issues. 

  • Strong data analytical skills

  • Strong numerical skills

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and data visualisation

  • A creative mindset to identify interesting and in-depth stories

  • An excellent eye for detail and discrepancies

  • Excellent written and spoken command of English

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint


To apply for the role, please fill in the attached questionnaire

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