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Stears is Hiring a Full-Stack Developer

Stears is Hiring a Full-Stack Developer
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We are hiring a Full Stack Developer to support our data business.


We are looking for an intermediate full stack web developer to join the team as we build our data platform. We need someone with sufficient front-end skills to build a fully functional dashboard using AngularJS and the ElasticSearch Stack (ELK). The developer will also require some back-end skills as we plan to serve the front-end with a popular API framework and database.

If you’re crazy about unit tests, continuous integration and SPAs, then this might be the job for you. 

There is no legacy code on our new project and few constraints. You will be building from scratch using the latest frameworks, design patterns and solutions. You will work with two technical leads (working abroad) to develop initial requirements and documentation. You will have guidance but will be expected to learn fast and take charge of the project quickly.

Before starting the project, and for your first month you will focus on expanding and improving our legacy Content Management System (CMS), currently used to manage our media platform - made with Python Django, BackboneJS, and PostgresSQL. This will become a secondary role once work on the main project begins.

Finally, you’ll be involved in ad-hoc scripting to improve the team’s data collection, analytics and reach. If you love learning new APIs like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Service Worker and others, then this is perfect for you. However, this will not be the bulk of your role.

You’ll also grow personally from leading the development process. Most importantly, you will participate in almost all important software decisions - If that doesn’t improve your software architecture skills, then I don’t know what will.

We work at a fast pace at Stears and are trying out several new ideas. Therefore your role and project might change quicker than you expect. However, you can expect to always be building software that empowers investors, researchers and the general public in their quest for accurate and accessible African information.

This position is based in Victoria Island, Lagos.


To apply, please fill in the form here.

Our ideal developer has:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field or work experience (2+ years)

  • Solid experience building complex layouts with CSS, HTML & JS

  • Experience with AngularJS and the ElasticSearch stack: ELK

  • Experience with any of the following: Docker, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Python, AWS, UNIX/LINUX terminal

  • Experience with unit testing (Mocha, Chai or other) and continuous integration

  • Great communication skills - We MUST understand each other

  • Good teamwork abilities - You propose better ideas when you feel instructions are subpar

  • Foundational knowledge of Object-Oriented Design Principles, Data Structures, Algorithms, Databases - SQL/NoSQL

  • Understanding around concepts and standards like Web Services, SOA, Microservices, REST APIs


To apply, please fill in the form here.

About Stears Intelligence

We are a data business focused on commercialising data for professional industries like finance and law. With our small team, mostly working remotely - you will need to be an independent individual to succeed here. Instructions will not always be very detailed, and sometimes you will need to “figure out” what the next step to take is. We trust that if you are hired, you are perfectly capable of doing this. Apart from leading development on the website, prepare yourself for:

  • Creating ad-hoc ETL (Extract Transform Load) scripts to transfer excel data into a database

  • Writing custom scripts to interface with third party APIs like google sheets, MailChimp and NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange)

  • Researching solutions architectural and liveness problems

At Stears Intelligence, we’re providing the long-awaited accurate information and analysis that will enable professionals to fuel the Nigerian economy. We know that this goal will require a completely flexible, performant and responsive web solution. Also, we’re just starting out so the requirements will be subject to change and we need to build software that reflects that. If you’re excited about building a solid foundation for a platform that is scalable and responds well to changing requirements (the best kind of software), then come join us.

To apply, please fill in the form here.

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