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Stears is Hiring a Sales and Marketing Lead

Stears is Hiring a Sales and Marketing Lead

Stears is hiring a Sales and Marketing Lead.

The Sales and Marketing Lead will be responsible for achieving advertising goals and actively prospecting for and developing new business for all online, events and marketing services offerings. The Sales and Marketing Lead will also be responsible for executing SB marketing activities including web, email and social media.

The role will require someone who has experience in sales as well as managing marketing initiatives, sourcing for new advertising business and possesses top-notch communication skills, a lot of creativity and motivation to measure, test, and optimize activities. You will be responsible for supporting reader engagement and acquisition activities through campaign activity to SB’s known and target audiences.

This role will also have responsibility for supporting the monitoring of reporting tools that track and measure the reach and better understand our audience. This will include (but not limited to); i) comparisons to past performance, ii) measurement against KPIs iii) performance and conversion rate of marketing channels, iv) meeting sales targets.

You will be working from the Lagos office in Victoria Island. The Stears team also includes editors and writers working from different locations outside Lagos.  

To apply, please fill in the form here.


In this role the Sales and Marketing Lead would be expected to:

  • Understand the full suite of SB content that can be leveraged to draw attention from readers and advertising clients.
  • Lead campaign setup, performance tracking and providing recommendations for optimisation of digital and physical marketing
  • Develop and maintain relationships with advertisers
  • Create effective sales correspondence (email) to generate customer interest in opportunities throughout the year
  • Maintain a steady stream of outgoing emails and phone calls to prospects per week
  • Monitor, track, and provide analysis to help measure readership and advertising KPI’s
  • Develop and execute effective marketing campaigns within agreed budgets and timetables
  • Coordinate with the editorial team to ensure fresh content is reworked specifically for social media and uploaded on our site, partner sites, social media and marketing channels.
  • Oversee event performance by ensuring guest targets are me

To apply, please fill in the form here.


To succeed in the role you should have:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • 1 - 3 years’ experience in a marketing organization, publishing or creative/media agency in relevant marketing/sales roles
  • Excellent command over the English language, with the ability to write compelling ad copy and proofread to a high standard
  • Thorough awareness of the tenets of editorial independence and editorial expertise across formats
  • Able to edit eye-catching content, with good visual storytelling
  • Basic design skills; knowledge of Photoshop/Sketch is a plus and the ability to create digital marketing assets (via Photoshop or other tools)
  • Experience with Facebook, Twitter and SEM is a plus
  • Understanding of native social ad platforms and ideally associated third-party ad tools
  • An understanding of creating audience segments, audience overlays and list management

To apply, please fill in the form here.

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