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Students: a chance to join Stears Premium for free

Students: a chance to join Stears Premium for free
Students can sign up to receive Angel funded subscriptions

The mission of Stears is to make it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world to access high-quality information on Africa.

On the 28th of July, 2020, our publication, Stears Business, put its money where its mouth is by launching Stears Premium: a paid digital subscription for readers who value and want information worth paying for. 

We did it for two reasons: firstly, out of a desire to make our readers more informed and secondly out of a desire to make our publication subscriber-focused.

Since then we’ve been able to keep producing journalism we are proud of.

Along the way, we have learnt a lot from a community we value very much: students.

Every day you write to us asking for access to our content and telling us about how important access is for your work. With you, we know we have found a community of readers who truly want to understand how the economy around them works.

That’s why Stears Business is working to provide students in Nigeria with free digital subscriptions—giving them access to high-quality journalism and data to shape confident opinions. 

These subscriptions will be made possible by Angels.

Students in Nigeria will be eligible, but only students who submit all criteria and satisfy Stears Business' verification will be considered. 

Subscriptions are assigned randomly as funds are made available. However, Stears Business is unable to guarantee a time frame for delivering an angel-funded subscription.

For a chance to receive an Angel-funded subscription, please apply here.  



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