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The gift of Stears Premium

The gift of Stears Premium
Gift of Stears Premium

To navigate 2021, there is a sense that we all need something special.

For years at Stears Business, we have been taking our readers beyond the headlines and into the story. Presenting you with the data you need to come to your own opinion, confidently too.

Headed into the new year, you can now offer this confidence to someone you love—you can gift them a Stears Premium subscription!  


Here's how:

Please fill in this short form then we’ll take it from there! If you would like to gift more than one person, please contact [email protected]

What your recipient can expect:

Once subscribed, your loved one will receive a new story delivered to their inbox every day. Subscribers will get to read deeply-reported articles that identify the biggest transformations in Nigerian business, finance, and the economy.


Once you pay for a gift, you will receive confirmation within the hour. When your gift has been delivered to your recipient, you will also receive confirmation. This will happen within 24 hours. 

Gifts can be sent anonymously as well as with a short message. All you have to do is let us know in the form. 

This gift is a subscription, so it will renew periodically, but you can cancel anytime! Gifts are currently available for Quarterly and Annual Plans. 


Purchase a gift subscription today
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