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6 numbers that explain this pandemic

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The Newsroom

The Editorial is the purest expression of Stears' peculiar editorial stance. It analyses issues, drawing on theory and empirics to outline the competing assumptions for issues; each time drawing conclusions that can be elicited, so as to give a comprehensive yet indefinite picture.

This is a previous Stears Business Newsletter, updated on the 31st of March.


Despite only 131 confirmed cases (at the time of publishing) in Nigeria, the coronavirus has, in one way or another, impacted everyone. Either you’re now working from home, experiencing slower sales, or going about your daily routine in a different way—likely with less traffic and armed with hand sanitisers and a face mask.

Even with all our different experiences, one thing we have in common is that we are all consuming coronavirus-related information. This could be fake WhatsApp messages on how garlic can cure COVID-19 or a watching timeline filled with nothing but coronavirus headlines and Tiktok videos. 

Stay at home challenges are entertaining but sifting through the overload of information to find the facts is hard work. To solve this, Stears Business has launched a COVID-19 live monitoring page and a new COVID-19 column to help our readers stay ahead of the curve (and the virus).  

In the same vein, today’s newsletter flags six numbers to help us understand the pandemic. The numbers we will go through are 3, ½, Infinity∞, ₦240 billion, 65% and 99%. 

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