It is difficult to answer questions about how Nigeria can and should achieve sustainable economic, social and political growth. This column takes a look at well known development economic theories and applies them to the unique Nigerian context.


More 'Boys' Needed

Akinkunmi Akingbade

Akinkunmi Akingbade

Akin is a Consultant and Writer with a background in Development Economics. He previously worked at Ventures Africa.

If you regularly drive in Lagos, you would have faced this question at some point: “Oga, anything for the boys?”

Your reaction is not hard to imagine; you either annoyedly gave them some change or concocted an excuse not to "drop something". 

Look around you and you will see policemen. Do you hold them in high esteem or admiration, as living up to their purpose, or perceive them with a level of disregard? However you answer this question, the Nigerian Police (NP) remains a vital component of a functioning civil society. 


Not enough 'boys'!

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has lamented about the low number of policemen – a.k.a. boys – in the country. With a population of 190 million people and a police force of 380,000, Nigeria's police-citizen ratio, at 200 officers per 100,000 citizens, hovers below international and African standards.

Amid a growing population, the IGP is targeting an additional 30,000 policemen each year for the next five years, to bring force headcount to around 500,000. 

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