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FW: Labour insists on strike action despite court

Aisha-Nana Salaudeen

Aisha-Nana Salaudeen

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Over the past few months, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) and United Labour Congress (ULC) have been at loggerheads with the Federal Government regarding the implementation of a new minimum wage.


What’s the story?

Labour initially proposed a ₦65,000 minimum wage but moved the amount to ₦30,000 after the Federal Government failed to guarantee that they would be able to pay the proposed amount.

Pointing that they do not have the capacity to pay ₦30,000, State Governors under the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) put forward a sum of ₦22,500 against the existing ₦18,000.

This did not go down well with Labour representatives, who threatened to ‘shut down the country’ with an indefinite strike from November 6 if their demand was not followed through by the Government.

“The N30,000 figure is not adjustable. We agreed to the N30,000 figure as the minimum wage at our last meeting. Sixteen of the governors were at the meeting, where the agreement was reached. Whatever they are saying now is a joke and self-deceit” - Denja Yakubu, Assistant Secretary at NLC

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