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FW: So, Donald Duke is running for President...

Aisha-Nana Salaudeen

Aisha-Nana Salaudeen

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On June 8, 2018, Former Cross River state Governor, Donald Duke, declared his intention to run for President in the 2019 upcoming elections.

He made his intention public while speaking at the annual Law dinner of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He explained that he was not sure what platform he'd be contesting on but he was convinced it was time for him to make a move regarding Nigeria’s development.

“I am putting myself forward for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I’m not going to sit back any longer and postulate. And I want each one of those young people there to be part of it. That’s why I urge them to go and get their voter’s card and be part of this society” - Donald Duke


Who is Donald Duke?


Donald Duke, a trained lawyer, entered into public office first in 1991 where he was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of The Voice of Nigeria. This feat was followed by another 1992 appointment as a member of the Cross River State Executive Council and the Commissioner of Finance, Budget and Planning.

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