Aba tailors and their dreams for an industrial hub
Tailoring illustration. Source: Stears Business.

Tailors in Aba, the largest commercial hub of fashion production in Eastern Nigeria, have always had one major request

They want a well-equipped hub for the mass production of fashion items; with proper machinery and constant power supply. 

Sewing factories that produce garments in large quantities have specific features. They have a wide space with different departments: a room with a row of work tables for cutting fabric, another segment with computers to digitise the processes, and other areas with machines— like buttonholers, pocket-makers— all aiding fast and efficient production.

Tailors in such factories can adopt assembly-line methods with a series of workers in an organised sequence. This enables them to work better and produce in bulk. 

While one person handles the equipment to cut large quantities of fabric, others manage the sewing machine, and a few do the ironing and packaging.

This is the type of specialisation and work

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Fisayo Okare

Fisayo Okare

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