Anti-business Lagos (Part 2): How other states can reposition to win
Pro-business Lagos. Source: Stears Business

In this concluding part to the anti-business Lagos article, let's take a look at lessons Nigerian states can learn from California and Texas.

When I look at the US, I see a few similarities between California and Lagos. First, both states can trace their economic prosperity to their proximity to seaports. Both states contribute the most to the national GDP of their respective countries. Also, the cost of living in the most promising parts of both states is incredibly high. 

California’s case is almost a joke. A small studio apartment goes for over $2,000 (₦960,000), and one could find many that go for as high as $3,000 (₦1,440,000) per month. If you adjust for the Nigerian cost of living, it is just as ridiculous as some of the rent prices we see in Lagos. 

However, the relevant similarity in the two states is that their pro-business perception has waned in

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Osato Guobadia

Osato Guobadia

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