Can Ogun state be the next Lagos?
Ogun state; the next Lagos. Source: Stears Business

Tum, tununu tum tuuu nu nuuu… the airy whistles from a flute mixed with the familiar rhythm from a Batá drum startled me in my usually quiet workspace.

I had just opened the Ogun state’s website and was surprised to hear the music play gently from my computer’s speakers. It was the state’s anthem.

“Ise ya, ise ya, omo Ogun ise ya” musicians sang alongside the tune, meaning: “it is time to work, people of Ogun, it is time to work." To my amusement, Olamide, the famous baddo crooner also has a rap slot in the 12-minute long anthem. But here is what drove me to the state’s website in the first place. 

About a month ago, Nigerians received news of how only ten states and the FCT received foreign investment last year. The headline came from the 2020 capital importation report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

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Adesola Afolabi

Adesola Afolabi

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