Can open sky policies improve intra-African air travel?
Intra-Africa travel. Source: Stears Business

I always seem to have a life experience to accompany my articles. Today is no different.

Sometime in 2010, my mum was in a very spontaneous travel mood. So, when she summoned me to the living room on a Wednesday afternoon with that nickname she calls me whenever there's an errand to run or get the remote control right in front of her—I knew she was up to some mischief. She suggested we take a quick road trip to Cotonou to visit her friend and do a little sightseeing. I really couldn't say no as the handbag of the family, so I agreed and prepared for my first trip to the Benin Republic. 

At the time, flights to Cotonou were almost non-existent within Africa. Destinations such as South Africa, Kenya & Ghana were the popular routes airlines chose to serve. So faced with limited alternatives, off we went by road.

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Anne-Marie Amadi-Emina

Anne-Marie Amadi-Emina

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