DStv prices vs Nigerians: Unbundling the business of broadcast
DStv has been labelled as a Monopoly.  Source: Stears Business

“What is my business with DStv if there is no football?” 

Those were the words of Seun Kunle, a DStv Compact bouquet subscriber.

My mum shares a similar sentiment. She has no business with a DStv subscription without African Magic Showcase. She says it is the only channel with the “sweetest shows” like Tinsel and The Johnsons. And while some DStv Africa Magic channels have these programmes too, “Showcase is the only channel that shows the latest episodes and brand new exquisite Nigerian English films”, she emphasises with a chef's kiss. 

Unfortunately, this sweet taste of hers means that we pay ₦18,400 for DStv’s Premium bouquet every month, even though she hardly watches the remaining 175+ channels in the package. 

Seun, the Compact bouquet subscriber, is mostly interested in sports. He’s upset that his ₦7,900 a month subscription isn’t enough to give him all the soccer games. 

“I don't even

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Fisayo Okare

Fisayo Okare

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