Electric vehicles in Nigeria: A take-off without landing?
Electric vehicles. Source: Stears Business

I’m one of those who get excited about iOS software updates—not those routine bug-fixing updates but those that come with new features and interfaces. So, despite the warnings of my conspiracy theorist friend that these updates are all part of Tim Cook’s capitalist plan to slow my iPhone down, I usually ignore him and get the update anyway.

But we’re not talking about phones today, we’re talking about vehicles, and they’ve also got an update. Just the same way we charge our phones, we can now charge our cars. I seriously doubt that Benjamin Franklin could have predicted this when he discovered electricity in the 1700s.

Nevertheless, we’re in 2021 now, and to Benjamin Franklin and other people from the 1700s, 2021 would probably feel more dystopian than utopian. This is because our industrial advancements and strides have come at a cost—global warming. World temperatures are rising, and the pressure

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Noelle Okwedy

Noelle Okwedy

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