Fisayo Longe’s Gaia: Making the dress of the summer
The Gaia dress.  Source: Stears Business

This year, not many events have swayed our attention from the on-going pandemic. Earlier this spring, though, Fisayo Longe, the founder of KAI Collective, made our heads turn. She released the Gaia dress, and the internet erupted. The mesh fabric print oozed everywhere. 

She recalls wearing it for the first time: the translucent figure-hugging, long-sleeve high-neck, multicoloured dress stood out at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) rising star award party. 

“I was looking to produce it immediately after I wore it in January”, she says. When I posted it on my Instagram, I knew instantly by the reactions that it was going to be big. But then, the coronavirus affected China in February. My manufacturers were not at work because of it”. 

Ten months after the dress made its first public appearance, Longe is recalling her experience of producing and restocking the Gaia collection for sale

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Fisayo Okare

Fisayo Okare

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