Food storage in Nigeria: The challenges and solutions
Food storage. Source: Stears Business

Do you ever read things and wonder how or if they would ever apply to you? Do you get excited when you see the theoretical concepts you've read in the past finally apply in your life? For me, it feels like my education wasn't a waste afterall. This knowledge was what kept me going during my search for tatashe to satisfy my Moi-Moi craving on a hot Saturday afternoon. I was sweating and so frustrated. But here I was living out the Sunk cost fallacy—when you continue to invest time and effort in a lost cause because of how much you have already invested.

How far is too far? How much time is enough to stop searching when you have searched for too long? These questions kept me busy, as I encouraged myself to search other stalls or spaces in the market. The first time I wanted to give up

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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