From an idea to the big screen: The journey of producing a movie
How to take an idea to the big screen

Back in 2012, film director and producer, Imoh Umoren thought of an ambitious project to document the life of Herbert Macaulay - the man celebrated as the founder of Nigerian nationalism.  

For six years, the film remained an idea.

“I was still building up my reputation and expertise,” Umoren explains. “I wasn’t that strong enough to raise the kind of finance I wanted for my project.”

By 2018, though, the “indie” filmmaker was ready for the production of The Herbert Macaulay Affair.

Two main factors determine if a film will go from being an idea to a real-life production: the people, such as the film crew and financing for the film. 

Establishing a crew for production was the least of Umoren’s problems because he had developed relationships on previous projects. What he needed was to secure the required funds. 

That eventually came with a single tweet. 

"It is pretty funny,

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Fisayo Okare

Fisayo Okare

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