How is Nigeria going to pay for its infrastructure?
Infrastructure development. Source: Stears Business

When I was in Minnesota, sometimes I would use the train and wonder when major cities like Abuja, Benin or Lagos would ever get what Americans consider to be basic infrastructure. The light rail connected seamlessly across the town, passing through the city centre and towards the edge of the metropolis.

In the midwestern US state, the electricity and communication required to support the trains are functioning and reliable. Meanwhile, we still have constant power outages and connection issues in Nigeria that could inhibit ticketing machines.

I was always amazed abroad because you never needed to interface with a human, and usually, it wasn’t even possible if you wanted to. When will we ever get to this point? Do we have enough money in the country to build this type of infrastructure?

What economic research says about infrastructure

Historically, governments have provided infrastructure for their people. After raising money through taxes and other means, governments have

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Carl T. Macaulay

Carl T. Macaulay

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