How Jiji plans to boost Tokunbo car sales
Jiji + Cars45. Source: Stears Business

Have you ever noticed a car parked by the roadside with a bottle of water placed on top of it?

Recently, I learnt that the act was not so innocent. It is essentially a secret "For Sale" sign. Some Nigerians (usually auto mechanics) use this coded way to sell off used cars for owners who want to be anonymous. 

If you are buying a car like this, it means you place your trust in the mechanic that vouches for the car's quality. However, nothing stops him or her from short-selling you and the car owner for some quick gains. 

This car sale method can be considered hassle-free—the owner doesn't need to explain the specifications or shortcomings of the vehicle. The owner is also able to reach a wider market which can potentially bring higher value. 

Alternatively, a seller might consider a similar approach of selling his used car to friends

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Adesola Afolabi

Adesola Afolabi

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