How Nigeria must approach economic growth
Economic growth strategy. Source: Stears Business

Leading is delicate.

It typically requires a unique combination of behaviours and traits to produce the desired outcome. The world is filled with anecdotes about 'successful' leadership. People want to understand how to guide themselves, other people, or their business projects to the finish line.

This goes for countries too. Policymakers have to take decisive action about better ways to manage the economy and guide everyone involved to greater prosperity. Who should get taxed; how much money should be borrowed to stimulate the economy; will more regulation protect consumers?

The list is endless.

Like I said, leading is delicate.

And in the case of leading a country's development (growth, job creation), a lot of theories have sprung up about who is better placed to do that—leaving it all to the market (or private sector) or letting the state (or government) take the reins?


Well behaved markets versus the benevolent state

I have mentioned a few times in

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Fadekemi Abiru

Fadekemi Abiru

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