How Releaf is boosting Nigeria’s $20 billion oil palm potential
Releaf and Nigeria’s $20 billion oil palm potential

If any country in Africa has potential close to Wakanda (a fictional nation in Marvel's Black Panther), it'll probably be Nigeria. We have several "vibraniums"—resources every other country in the world needs and is willing to buy. But we hardly use them. The most explored is oil, and as this article highlights, the good old days of oil may be behind us now.

"So, what is our next oil?" Our CEO, Preston, walked into the open office area with this big question. It got us thinking. From the common work pool to the kitchen, we kept talking about it. While musing over the topic with our managing editor, Fadekemi, we concluded that we might not need one oil but many oils—any sectors that can give us the revenue and growth that petroleum did. If history is something to learn from, we can conclude that it is unsustainable to have just

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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