Is social welfare eliminating poverty in Nigeria?
Social welfare. Source: Stears Business

"If poor Nigerians were a country, it would be more populous than Germany.

Insecurity has displaced almost three million Nigerians. Ten million of our children are not in school—the highest in the world. Conflicts across the country have disrupted agriculture in the fertile middle belt, causing farmers and traders to lose their sources of livelihood. Nigeria’s tough economic climate has also run many entrepreneurs out of business.

All of these have culminated in me being a citizen of the world’s poverty capital.

There are several estimates for the number of poor people in my county. The World Bank, the United Nations, and even the National Bureau of Statistics have theirs. But one number is standard. “We will take 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in ten years”, the president and his vice have vowed multiple times since 2019.

However, three years prior, in 2016 to be precise, the presidency launched

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Adesola Afolabi

Adesola Afolabi

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