Job creation, poverty reduction: Lessons from China and Okonjo-Iweala
Job creation lessons. Source: Stears Business

Reducing poverty rates in Nigeria was one of the reasons I became an economist. I'm a big dreamer and think I can solve many of Nigeria's problems or contribute my quota to doing so. For me, reducing the number of people who have little or no access to education, healthcare, and basic needs could be done by giving essential stakeholders information.

How can we lift 100 million people out of poverty in Nigeria? There are several ways of doing so, but I'll touch on two routes in this article. 

The first way is by creating jobs for people. This was China’s strategy. As explained in this article, China lifted over 500 million people out of poverty by improving its production capacity. Through reforms in every sector, it increased employment; people got jobs and no longer lived in poverty. 

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Nigeria is yet to industrialise at the same scale as China. Still,

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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