Jumia in a pandemic: A performance review
Jumia in a pandemic. Source: Stears Business

On January 22, a bright Wednesday morning, Jumia Group, the pan-African retailer, invited a group of journalists to a cosy conference room at Eko Hotel and Suite, a luxury hotel in the affluent Victoria Island neighbourhood. Themed "Jumia 2020 Vision Sharing Breakfast", the company's co-founder and co-CEO, Jeremy Hodara, was in town to disclose a change in management and Jumia's new strategy for 2020 and beyond.

The new game plan, Hodara explained, is to focus on three ecosystems that would strengthen the company and set it on a stronger course for profitability. These included: the e-commerce marketplace, the logistics platform, and the payment platform, called JumiaPay.

Hodara never included food delivery as one of the critical ecosystems. Indeed, Jumia Food, the company's food delivery business, was still a growing service accounting for 10% of Jumia's sales in 2019. Even though it had existed for more than five years, it was

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Abubakar Idris

Abubakar Idris

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