Nigeria and its growing gifting sector
The gifting economy. Source: Stears Business

I’ve always been excited by the holiday spirit in Nigeria. As a kid growing up in a Christian home, the December holiday was always highly anticipated. After drowning myself in Hollywood Christmas movies, I’d expect my family to imitate the traditions on TV. You know, get a Christmas tree, colourful lights, wear those green sweaters and, importantly, share gifts like that Sega Mega Drive game I wanted so badly.

That never happened. Instead, my mum would go to the market and buy us new clothes and other accessories to wear on Christmas Day. You wear it once, then tuck it deep within your wardrobe for another special event, perhaps till next December. We’d eat chicken, swap food with neighbours, then go visiting family relatives where we’d get to eat more food. If we were lucky, a relative would “dash” my siblings and I some money.

Christmas has always involved gift-giving—the

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Abubakar Idris

Abubakar Idris

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