Nigeria to power up Africa with $25 billion gas pipeline
Nigeria to Morocco pipeline. Source: Stears Business

One thing the current administration is heavily investing in is infrastructure.

The Buhari government is undoubtedly focused on rehabilitating and completing projects abandoned by previous administrations, from railways to pipelines. And among them is the grand idea of building a natural gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco that would pass through 12 other African countries.

This $25 billion project is a significant step in the government's plan to increase Nigeria’s gas exports. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), natural gas made up 16% of our total exports in 2021 Q1, second only to oil. The Nigerian Gas Company, a subsidiary of NNPC, also made $5.8 billion in revenue from gas sales in 2019. But gas has a lot more potential.

Nigeria produced only 1.2% of the global gas supply in 2019 despite having the largest proven natural gas reserves in Africa and the 9th largest globally.

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Noelle Okwedy

Noelle Okwedy

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