Nigeria’s gamblers are many, but are they protected?
Spotlighting the betting industry. Source: Stears Business

"Marie! Marie!"... "What?" 

My cousin barges into my bedroom, looking very flustered. "I need to use your debit card". "Okay, for what?" "Do you have funds in your card?" He keeps going on without answering my questions. "Yes, I do", still confused and a little worried about this mini hysteria that was happening in front of me. "Okay, I need your card details". I reluctantly give him my card, trying to figure out what this urgency for money is. I watch him input my card number onto his phone swiftly, like he was racing against time or trying to beat a deadline. My curiosity grows even more.

My mobile phone vibrates, the one-time password (OTP) has been sent from my bank. I open the notification to see the six-digit number. If your bank is Nigerian and you receive OTPs often, you'll know that the name of the vendor you're about

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Anne-Marie Amadi-Emina

Anne-Marie Amadi-Emina

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