Nigeria’s health infrastructure and its funding problem
Funding health infrastructure. Source: Stears Business

Two weeks ago, I escorted my friend to a hospital in Ibadan. He had mentioned how he wanted to go to this particular hospital because the last time he had a fever and was too weak to work, the hospital administered an injection that made him better in less than six hours. It seemed like a good enough reason to pick a hospital over others, so I agreed. Besides, I was also unfamiliar with hospitals in the area, so I had no other option.

It’s either my friend had forgotten other aspects of his previous experience, or they had recently and quickly run down the hospital.

Remember, There’s still a pandemic. But, when we got there, no one took our temperature at the entrance or handed us hand sanitisers. Even supermarkets are still handing out hand sanitisers, let alone hospitals, where potential Covid-19 patients might visit. When we got it

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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