Online university: Is there room for growth in Nigeria?
Online university. Source: Stears Business

The SWOT analysis is a popular tool used by business owners to analyse the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of their companies. For many of such businesses in Nigeria, when analysing their threats, they include the Nigerian government. 

We have repeatedly seen businesses shut down because the government—federal, state, ministry, department, agency or the Central Bank—issue circulars or press releases that make such companies' operations illegal. 

This threat cuts across many industries, and sometimes it's because businesses introduce innovation that outdated laws established by the same government do not accommodate. So, rather than adjust the regulation to include the invention, the company's operations are completely banned. 

In some cases, before such businesses are even established, they are met with unrealistic regulations that should not apply to such companies. An excellent example of this is Beni University, Nigeria's first attempt at a fully online university. 

At the university's inception, the National

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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