Protecting creatives from imitation: All laws but no cases
Fashion illustration.  Source: Stears Business

Fashion designers do more than stitching pieces of clothing together.

If you ask Deola Ade-Ojo, lead designer of House of Deola, the secret to her well-crafted high-quality, tailored pieces, she would say her designs come from “a place of deep thinking.” 

Her leading fashion collection, the Komole, stands out in the industry.

Not just for the collection’s style ethos which is a reinvention of the Iro and Buba; but also for the transformed Aso Oke fabric from which the garments are made.

Despite its origins in culture, the Komole collection is unique. Deola breaks the tradition of the Aso Oke, designing the solid fabric into a fine openwork lace. In contemporary fashion, the Aso Oke is often combined with imported french lace as a ceremonial staple. In Komole, Deola fuses the concept into one, laser-cutting the geometry of lace into an Aso Oke base.

The pieces are distinctive and coveted

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Fisayo Okare

Fisayo Okare

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