Reality vs Vision: What the Eko Atlantic city can do for Lagos
The Eko Atlantic city. Source: Stears Business

High rise buildings that house apartments, offices and restaurants, with incredible views of the Lagos shoreline. A bustling downtown area with the headquarters of some of the most prominent businesses in the country. A water canal system to transport you from one part of the city to another. Constant electricity, efficient waste management, and city-wide-high-speed internet. This sounds nothing like Lagos, but Eko Atlantic city is trying to change that by building Lagos' first state-of-the-art megacity.

The sprawling peninsula, located on land reclaimed from the Atlantic ocean, was developed as a response to the erosion problem and flooding in Victoria Island, one of the oldest, most expensive parts of Lagos, where a significant number of businesses are located. 

In addition to reclaiming lost land and preventing erosion, it presented an opportunity to create Nigeria's first "world-class megacity addressing the shortage of real estate in Lagos." In a conversation with Business

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Abuoma Nwadike

Abuoma Nwadike

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