Seasonal surge: how food supply chains adjust in December
Seasonal food businesses. Source Stears Business

“Fine girl”; “My colour”; “Customer, come, I have it here”.

If you’ve ever been to Tejuoso in Yaba, Balogun in Lagos Island or Mile 12 in Ketu, I’m sure these statements bring memories. These markets can be uncomfortable; from the enormous crowd rushing to buy goods, to the sellers dragging customers on all sides—displaying what they have for sale.

Going to a large market in Lagos is not for the faint-hearted, but going in December, is something else entirely. 

The last time I went to Balogun market was during the Christmas season. And one word that I think captures the market at the time was: fast. Everyone was in a rush! Buyers impatient to get what they want and leave the discomfort of the market; sellers wanting to sell to as many people as they can in record time.

Even with the noise and the rush, which stretched me to

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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