Smallholder farmers need bespoke protection
A marketplace for farmers.  Source: UN Women via Flickr

Most of us have been through that painful moment of seeing a cracked screen after a device slips between our hands. In a split moment, the gadget has lost a significant amount of value.

The next seconds are then spent in regret, of not buying a case and a screen guard. Or rather, not buying a better suited one. 

And that’s sometimes the problem. Protection exists, but not the right type. This is what we see in the agriculture insurance sector - insurance schemes that don’t quite work for informal smallholder farmers. 

However, things are changing. Uniquely fitted insurance products and services, especially for smallholder farmers who make up most of Nigeria’s agric producers, are now being created.

Farming in Nigeria is mostly informal and loosely structured

Like most countries, the agriculture sector in Nigeria has the highest number of informally employed people. Most of the activities are in small and undocumented transactions- attributes that discourages traditional insurance. 


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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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