Stears Business Newsletter: When and what to reopen in Nigeria
An open sign.  Source: Leyre Labarga vis Unsplash

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The world is now entering the second round of the fight against the coronavirus. Hopefully, there’s a knockout before the 12th - with us winning the match.  

The main pandemic related discussion has now moved from locking down the economy to opening it up. There’s traffic again in the streets of Wuhan, Italian coffee shops are busy, beaches are full, and premier league football restarts on June 17. 

For governments, the pandemic has become more of an economic and social crisis than a health one. And so they are desperate to get life back to “normal” as soon as possible. 

But this seemingly innocent drive hasn’t come without controversy. How quickly should we reopen? What sectors or institutions should be allowed to open? The debates have been endless. 

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