Taming the Tomato: local and global solutions for curbing waste
Tomatoes: the vegetable-fruit. Source: Stears Business

In 2018, tomatoes were the most commonly produced vegetable globally at 165 million tonnes. A large proportion of the produce—about a quarter—is used in the processing industry for pastes, juices, and powder, making it one of the most processed vegetables in the world. If you consider it a vegetable that is. 


Undoubtedly, Asia is the biggest cultivator and processor of tomatoes, accounting for about 60% of global tomato production in 2018. In particular, China and India made up the largest share of global production in 2018 at 34% and 11% respectively. On the other hand, Europe has fine-tuned the production of tomatoes into a near-perfect science, with some countries enjoying yields over ten times greater than the global average of 40tonne/ha. Specifically, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom have yields of up to 507tonne/ha, 507tonne/ha and 416tonne/ha, respectively.


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Abdul Abdulrahim

Abdul Abdulrahim

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