The business of creating music: From the eyes of a Nigerian artist
The business of music. Source: Stears Business

"Class, what is Nigeria's biggest export? And Anne-Marie, don't say anything because I know you know the answer."

I had no clue what my Greek lecturer was talking about, and so I waited for the rest of my classmates to answer the question. No one knew. But in their defence, some of them were coming from as far as North of Sweden or Stuttgart in Germany. Nigeria's trade portfolio might not be firsthand information to them.  

When my lecturer finally revealed the answer (music) while mentioning Wizkid as Nigeria's biggest music export, I couldn't help but beam with a bit of patriotism. Things got even strangely exciting when I went to an underground club in Paris weeks after, and I was welcomed with Naira Marley's "Mafo". I screamed internally. Not only because it was funny hearing French people inaudibly mouth the Yoruba lyrics to the song. But for the fact

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Anne-Marie Amadi-Emina

Anne-Marie Amadi-Emina

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