Why are road accidents in Nigeria rising?
Unsafe Nigerian roads. Source: Stears Business

"Hi team"! 

Preston, the Stears CEO, always starts a conversation on the company's general slack channel like this. Many of us have come to know that his "hi" usually comes with cheery messages. 

One day in October 2020, he greeted us the same way. But this time, the fun message we've come to expect was not to be. Someone at the company was involved in a car accident and ended up spending four months after the incident visiting the hospital intermittently. He even had to wear a neck brace for a short while. 

A few months later, we got a similar "hi". This time, another colleague had been in another bad car accident. Thankfully, she came out unscathed. 

Think about it. Stears is a start-up with less than 30 employees, and in the space of one year, we've had a couple of road accidents and a few typical Lagos car

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Adesola Afolabi

Adesola Afolabi

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