Why Nigerian mortgages can’t help with your home purchase
Nigerian mortgages. Source: Stears Business

"Someday soon, I'd like to own a small slice of the earth, where I can lay my head at night and build a future for my family. It will save me from constant and sporadic rent increases and contribute to my growing investment list".

As a senior-level civil servant in Nigeria, this quote is one of Dr Mberekpe's short to medium term wishes. Most of my friends and working-class Nigerians I've met can relate to her vision—to own a refuge—a sanctuary—something that every human being needs to feel safe and secure.

Why owning a home is difficult 

However, owning a home in Nigeria is not easy. Affordability prevents people from buying or building houses, especially in urban areas where people are more likely to find better job opportunities.

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Adesola Afolabi

Adesola Afolabi

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