Business financing in 2021: Challenges in Nigeria
The building of a corporate firm. Source: Floriane Vita

One of the best conversations I have had this year was with a family who had just recently returned from a year-long visit to Tanzania. 

Over dinner, the conversation naturally shifted to the main differences between Tanzania and Nigeria. They told me Tanzania was a beautiful country. It is generally a safe place. Most buildings they came across were not fenced, and the people generally do not live in fear of crime. Funny enough, the houses with fences tended to be those occupied by Nigerians. But, that was not the most interesting thing I learnt that day. 

I learnt that most of the big businesses in Tanzania were owned by the government or by people who can trace their heritages to regions outside Tanzania. My dinner hosts recalled having a conversation with some Tanzanians who found it difficult to believe that fellow black Africans owned banks such as UBA and

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Osato Guobadia

Osato Guobadia

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