Car insurance: How to handle your next accident in Nigeria
Car crash. Source: Stears Business

Mima is used to doing things herself. She just finished erecting a borehole in her newly rented apartment where she also donated money to fix the roads. So when someone hit her car on her way from work, her instinct was to take matters into her own hands.

Like a typical Lagosian, as soon as she heard the bang on her boot, she put her car in “park”, picked up her phone and jumped out of her car to shout.

This accident wasn't the first. Over time, Mima has learned to distinguish between situations like this that warranted a fight and others that were not worth her time or energy. For Mima, whether an accident required a fight boiled down to three things: the severity of the accident, the kind of car that hit her, and what mood she was in.

Having car insurance or not didn't matter to Mima.

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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