Nigeria's aid addiction: Another poverty trap?
Addicted to aid. Source: Stears Business

Perfect storms are a bouquet of unfavourable events that happen simultaneously to produce a fatal impact. It's one of those moments designed to kill you, but if you survive, you'll do everything in your power never to be in such situations again.

That was Covid-19 for many developing countries. While attempting to put their countries in order, the entire world pitied developing countries for what they believed would bury them—and their unstable healthcare systems. Nigeria, for instance, was fresh out of a recession—barely able to stand on its own, oil prices had dipped, Covid was ravaging the streets, and worst of all, the countries which usually come to our aid were losing control of the beast in their homes.

Countries attempted to help, but everyone was battling the situation at the same time. Although the usual donors eventually tried to help, they couldn't do much, given their own precarious position.

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Gbemisola Alonge

Gbemisola Alonge

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